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GOAT Tribe is a collection of 10,000 one of one illustrated characters minted on the Cardano blockchain. Random-ly assembled by an algorithm, every one of the Tribe is unique.

Composed from over 190 different assets across 12 separate layers, there are 18,332,600,000,000 (18.3 trillion) possible GOAT Tribe characters but only 10,000 will ever be minted.

Big on quality, we wanted to create pieces our collectors could cherish; a world our Tribe could inhabit and find new things in with repeated viewing. Each GOAT Tribe CNFT was created as a vector and finalised as a ~5k x 5k px png so it can be reproduced as an A3 print without any degradation.

If you’d like to learn more about GOAT Tribe, please come and find us on Discord or Twitter.


We pride ourselves on not being a passing trend, or ‘fly-by-night’ pfp project. We’re excited to build the world around our Tribe and take enthusiastic collectors along with us as our members.

As the Cardano ecosystem develops and with the rise of smart contracts we intend to increase the utility of our to-kens to give members exclusive access and bonuses.

GOAT Tribe Logo

The Mint

All 10,000 GOAT Tribe NFTs will become available on the 19th October and will be distributed at random at a mint price of 50 ADA per NFT


Roadmap Phase 1

The Tribe is mobilised!
We make our first donation to the Tribe Charity Trough


Roadmap Phase 2

Tribe Rising
First HODLer bonus drop is funded
We make our second donation to the Tribe Charity Trough


Roadmap Phase 3

Tribe taking formation
Second HODLer bonus drop is funded
We make our third donation to the Tribe Charity Trough


Roadmap Phase 4

The tribe is fully released into the wild!
Roadmap goes into full effect and then some!
We make our fourth donation to the Tribe Charity Trough

We prefer to think that actions speak louder than words, but we’re happy to share our high-level plans for the first year of GOAT Tribe (and we’ve plenty of HODLer surprises planned along the way)

2021 Q4

GOAT Tribe Series 1 launch of 10,000 unique Cardano NFTs

Unique GOAT ‘inspired’ charity auction piece

2022 Q1

Tribe Merchandise


GOAT Tribe Comic 01 (a limited release tokenised backstory)

GOAT Tribe Series 0


GOAT Tribe Comic 02


Every story has a beginning. This is ours...

Billy Johns (goat farmer’s son and once adept goat milker) develops a crippling fear of goats following a brutal childhood prank masterminded by his brother, involving the mutilated corpse of Billy’s pet goat Michael, and the untimely death of his father.

15 years later Billy discovers his brother is still experimenting with goats and has refined a formula to turn them into ferocious carnivores with a taste for human flesh. Billy battles with his goat phobias and launches a bid to save man and goat kind alike from his depraved brother. Predictably, Billy is killed by his brother and his goat progeny, and eventually the world is overrun by half-goat half-human hybrids with only a finite amount of human flesh to feast on.

Following the demise of the human race, and forced to reflect upon their actions, the goat-people begin to evolve and build a democratic vegetarian goat-society, holding Billy as their God and moral compass.

This is the story of the Generation Alpha: 10,000 goats who carved a new civilisation from the remains of mankind.

This is the GOAT Tribe.




concept artist, illustration, scripts

J / CNFT Cult

J / CNFT Cult

marketing, community, outreach



goat enthusiast, community, support

If you’d like to learn more about GOAT Tribe, please come and find us on Discord or Twitter.